There is no accessible entrance to the Rauma Art Museum and there are several steps to all entrances. Wheelchair access to the museum is possible with the help of a personal assistant or museum staff from the more spacious entrance door from the courtyard: you have to get up one step at a time or go up a steep wheelchair ramp. Parking is available near the museum.

The exhibition space on the ground floor of the museum is accessible, but there is an 11 cm threshold between the entrance hall and the exhibition gallery. The artworks in the exhibition are on display on two floors. There is no lift. There are 27 stairs to the first floor. The exhibition rooms have seats with no armrests. There are no accessible toilet facilities at the museum.

The radio play made by Year 5 students of the Rauma Freinet School, a part of the Triennial programme, will air on Radio Ramona on 4 June after the 6 p.m. news. Frequency 93.3 MHz and 97.3 MHz.